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ALBUM REVIEW: Nicki Minaj – Pink Friday

5 Dec

From what seems almost since jump I have seamlessly kept my mark on Nicki Minaj and a lot of people may think it’s expected from me being a woman myself to automatically cheer on the likes of Nicki, however, the fact of the matter is that she has worked hard and diligently to earn her position. Nicki can hang with the best of them, them being male rappers and has put in just the same amount of time and efforts if not more to make her mark just as well as the  many male M.C.’s of her caliber have and what allows her to even more so deserve her title is having to battle her way through the trials of being heard and excepted as a woman in hip-hop. Like Nicki has said herself, and I’m not quoting verbatim, “when you’re a woman and you want things to be great and demand the best you’re considered a b*tch but when you’re a man in a higher position with the same demands you’re considered a boss”. Nicki has started what’s now come to be her “Pink-Barbie Empire” in which she’s progressively taking aim to build and just as well may be able to take a longitude of career fame and hone it into what could be iconic or as she would like “mogul” stardom and Pink Friday is just the start of her making that all the more possible.

When you take in Pink Friday you can’t help but hold it up in comparison to where Nicki has come from, gone, and is going. After all it is what you do to get to that pivotal point in your career that ultimately becomes the deciding factor as to whether you’ve earned the respect and credit you’ve worked hard for or the result can very much be the complete opposite and Nicki has obviously accomplished the ladder. I would say she’s done a damn good job developing her image, racking up a massive fan base, and transcending herself into what she’s now become and to say she did it unconsciously would only be primi to what is actually an intentional subservient plot to garner her “Barbie” and “Ken” doll dominion, basically it was in her plan.

From jump Nicki comes out swinging on Pink Friday with tracks like “Did It On’em” and “Roman’s Revenge” giving you that antique, no holds-barred, anime-beast at the mic type flow Nicki is known to possess which lets us know the Nicki you’ve come to learn, know, and love is not going anywhere. As you begin to work your way through the tracks Nicki also makes it obvious for us to keep in mind that she is still capable and comfortable in her vulnerability on wax and goes on to openly express her inner feelings on songs like “Save Me” where she states “This time won’t you save me…baby I can feel myself givin’up” and again on “Moment 4 Life” featuring Drake letting out a real to heart quote “I believe life is a prize but to live doesn’t mean you’re alive” which is nothing new from Nicki but rather what she’s been doing. For instance all you got to do is reference an older track of hers like “Can Anybody Hear Me” from her 2009 mixtape Beam Me Up Scotty to know that she’s still keeping it real and remedies a continuance in a relatable and close nitch with her listeners.

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