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Hercules & Love Affair is TRAN-scending

30 Nov


Up until today I’ve never heard of this group but I just so happen to come across the nu-disco group put together by New York based DJ Andy Butler and did a lil research. Now,I happen to be a fan of all genres just so long as it’s good! So, before I even decided to see what “might” be some dope, new, interesting, music the first thing that even brought me into the direction of wanting to take a listen to this group was Nomi Ruiz. Nomi’s look at first sight is pretty-attractive and captivating [no homo]. Just take a look at that top picture she’s the one, or shall I say he’s the one on the far left, yes HE! Nomi happens to be one of the vocalist of the group and is also transgendered and for the sake of respect and equality I’ll refer to Nomi as “she”. I found this to be quite intriguing cause you don’t see a group with a transgendered vocalist everyday, just goes to show how much the world is evolving and I suppose becoming more excepting and open-minded. Since music is a great evolution in itself I guess maybe I shouldn’t be as surprised but you can see how one could be surprised cause it’s totally unexpected which is why this group works.

I decided to take a listen to their music after my little discovery within the group cause after all Hercules & Love Affair sold me off of Nomi alone and even more so caught my interest off lesbian band mate Kim Ann Fox and as loving as I may be to all genres of music disco is one of those genres I can only get with if the vibe is right so with that said Hercules and love Affair dropped a new track titled “My House” since their album of the same name released in 2008. The new track features new comer Shaun Wright and will be on their upcoming sophomore album Blue Songs, due out January 31, 2011. If You’re interested in hearing it you can take a listen to the bass-pumping track via the NME Daily Download blog. It’ll be worth the listen wether you dig it or not.


Neon Trees – Wish List

30 Nov

With the holidays ringing in artists are starting to put out some Christmas tracks and Neon Trees just put their’s out titled “Wish List” to follow suit in the holiday tradition. Take a listen and if you are liking this like I know I do head here to grab a copy!

Video: Yelawolf “The ‘Bama Who Cried Wolf”

30 Nov

Yelawolf returns to Peoples Park in Berkely where he spent a year as a homeless skater and tells his story of survival and more! Tune in it’s pretty touching and is always a good thing to hear the story behind the artists you listen to.

Deadmou5 Ft. SOFl – One Trick Pony

28 Nov

Here’s another leak of what’s to come on Deadmau5’s upcoming album 4×4=12. Deadmau5 also had this to say about the current sound of his music, that he’s not “flipping the script and going with a hardcore Dubstep style rather than his typical dance house tracks”. You can pre-order the new LP here!

Ellie Goulding – Human

28 Nov

Ellie Goulding is re-releasing her debut LP Lights under the name Bright Lights. There will be 6 extra tracks on the re-release in which I’m sure you’ve heard her number 2 hit in the UK, an Elton John cover in the form of “Your Song”. You will find “Human” on the re-release!

Big Sean – Big Nut Bust [Prod. by Travis Barker & The Monsters] [Tags]

28 Nov

DJ Whoo Kid premiered this track yesterday on Shade45. The track is off of Travis Barker’s upcoming mixtape with him Let the Drummer Get Wicked v.1.


B.o.B. Ft. Wiz Khalifa – F*ck The Money [Prod. by Kanye West]

28 Nov

The original track featured Asher Roth now Wiz Khalifa lays down a verse. B.o.B’s mixtape  No Genre drops next month.


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