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M.I.A. Performing & Debuting In L.A.

26 Mar

M.I.A. (artist/Rapper/trendsetter) will be making her national stage debut at HARD LA on Saturday, July 17th 2010 at the Los Angeles State Historic Park in downtown L.A. Other performances include Theophilus London, Rye Rye, Ninjasonik, and much more! Tickets will go on sale Friday March 26th at NOON through

I’ve never seen M.I.A. LIVE in concert so I’m pretty excited to have acquired and announced the news today. Hope to see you there!


NEW BOOK by Rihanna: “The Last Girl On Earth”…

26 Mar

For all you RiRi fans if you didn’t already know Rihanna has a book coming out titled “The Last Girl On Earth” scheduled to be released on September 14th 2010. To keep an eye out for it incase the date changes yet again seeing the original release date was suppose to be June 29th you can visit . The book cost listed on Amazon is $31.50 for hardcover and $19.77 for paperback and pre-ordering is also available on their website. I myself will be coping RiRi’s book and hopefully you will to. ~E$$Y

T.I.s time served…now has curfew…

26 Mar

So, T.I. has completed the rest of his prison term from a half way house and will be released back into society however he’s not completely off the hook just yet. T.I.’s attorney, Steve Sadow, says he will now be placed under 23 days of supervised release which will also include an 11pm curfew!

He’s also required to complete 400 hours of community services during his three year probabtion.

Being a free man is way better than being in jail. I’m sure he’ll get through this with ease seeing everything else he’s already done to maintain his reputation as the KING and most importantly to give back and prove he’s learned his lesson and is a changed man. Glad he’s back. ~E$$Y

NEW music Jeezy “Momma Told Me”…

26 Mar

NEW music from Jeezy “Momma Told Me” Feat. Ester Dean from Jeezy’s up coming album ‘Thug Motivation 103’ . Song goes hard. PEEP. ~E$$Y

NEW video Kid Cudi “Soundtrack 2 My Life”

26 Mar

Here’s Kid Cudi’s NEW video “Soundtrack 2 My Life” Directed by Jason Goldwatch/ Decon Creative Group and takes you through months of Cudder’s tour footage.  PEEP. ~E$$Y

NEW Sony PlayStation Move…

25 Mar

This is pretty DOPE! Sony launched “PlayStation Move” which is a handheld controller with a glowing orb that works in conjunction with the “PlayStation Eye camera” to track video game movements like punches, sword strokes, and tennis racket swings. The PS Move also has regular controller buttons for shooting games that require you to pull a trigger. Basically it’s a motion control system that translates your real world movements into video game moves. It is set to be released this fall 2010. I know you PS junkies can’t wait to get your hands on this, count me in. ~E$$Y

Dwight Howard in “Just Wright” movie…

25 Mar

Looking forward to seeing Dwight Howard’s NEW movie called “Just Wright” in which he will be playing himself. Dwight Howard will be starring alongside Queen Latifah and Common in the romantic comedy which  is about a therapist (Latifah) who falls for a b-ball player (Common) she’s helping recover from an injury. Other casts in the movie are Paula Patton and Pam grier. Pretty coo line-up there I will be there to peep this movie on its release date set for May 14 2010 and uh, mainly because I wanna support Dwight, howevs I also look forward to seeing the entire cast as well. Go see it. ~E$$Y

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