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Sade covers EBONY April 2010 issue…

28 Feb

Sade graces the April 2010 issue of EBONY magazine. She looks absolutely stunning on this cover, what a knock out. Sade will be opening up on some of her personal life in this issue which is soon to be hitting news stands. Look out for it and please do go cop it. ~E$$Y


Guru in the hospital…

28 Feb

It is sad to hear that rap legend Keith “Guru” Elam of Gang Starr is currently in an NY hospital after suffering cardiac arrest. It is said that at this time he’s in a coma. My condolences go out to his family and friends. Let us pray for this man and that he survives this tragedy. This video goes out to all his fans. ~E$$Y

UPDATE: Guru who suffered a massive heart attack had a successfull surgery on March 01, 2010 and is said to be doing fine and should have a full recovery. All prayers have worked out in Guru’s favor, what a blessing. ~E$$Y

Male fan kisses Kid Cudi…

28 Feb

I don’t know really what to make of this but a male fan of Cudi’s jumped on the stage during his concert to kiss him on the mouth and Cudi doesn’t really appear to react off of it other than to wipe his mouth off and continue on with his show. Hmmmm…Suspect? Or was he trying to avoid beating dude up and adding to his reputation of being violent? I don’t know, I prefer to to believe he’s ‘no homo’ I know a straight man when I see one lolz…at least I think I do. Check the video and you be the judge. ~E$$Y

Vogue for black and curvy…

26 Feb

Vogue has added new sections on their Italian vogue website. “Vogue black” is dedicated to women of color and the site offers beauty tips as well as a blog and “Vogue Curvy” is a name that obviously speaks for itself and was developed for women with curves featuring plus sized models and also gives beauty tips as well as how to dress your body. I believe this was a keen idea BUT why not just put more women of color and plus sized models in Vogue magazine spreads instead? Well,  you can’t win them all I suppose. Here are the links to Vogue Black and also Vogue Curvy$$Y

Rihanna’s perfume line…

26 Feb

RiRi is following suit like every other celeb and creating a perfume line of her own and is giving her fans a chance at naming her fragrance. The perfume as of now is rumored to be called ”Route 22”.  If you think you have what it takes and want a chance at possibly having your name choosen for RiRi’s perfume line visit her fan site at this link ~E$$Y

“Let Me Tell You”…

26 Feb

New Christian Louboutin “Let Me Tell You” mini boots from his Spring/Summer 2010 collection. I am not big on statement shirts let alone boots but these I would deffinetly like to “throw it in the bag”. If  you can fit a pair into your budget at around a wopping $2,059 then by all means cop you some.  For more and store locator information you can visit ~E$$y

Amber Rose channels Grace Jones…

26 Feb

Amber Rose covers legendary Grace Jones’ original anomatic pose. Question is did she pull it off as well as Grace? In my opinion Amber is a real sexy lady with obvious striking curves however the comparison is not one at all Grace’s original is the most obvious stunning and there is absolutely no correlation. They didn’t even use photo shop to pull off Jones’ her body is built like a true stallion and was complete profound art. I actually would’ve liked to see Naomi Campbell pull this pose off now she would’ve gotten more than a few nods. ~E$$Y

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